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Featured Creative: Christian Carvajal

As a creative, I  believe we've all hit the wall mentally on whether or not what we're doing is good enough. It could be with what's on our canvas, in our words, or how we approach capturing moments & hoping they will connect with your audience. We have accepted that it's just part of it, or that it's just part of the process. For some of us that thought holds us back, for others it pushes us forward. Finding the balance is the hard part. Christian Carvajal is someone who is finding that line & crossing it with his music & not looking back. Being authentic, raw, & honest is just the start of his approach - Christian was kind enough to take some time & share his story with us. My name is Christian Carvajal. I'm 25 years old. I currently reside in the great city of Fort Worth, Texas & I am an aspiring songwriter.  I was raised on having a wide taste in music. When I was 13 I started learning guitar but it wasn’t until I started c

Featured Creative: NITE

Finding your own niche, sound, or even place within the creative world can be a task easy to shy away from.  Those that have persevered despite a saturated market, low to no paying gigs, pushing through the noise & so on are the ones that create from the heart, but also for themselves. It's in those decisions to keep going where the magic is made. This week we catch up with the band NITE who you can find playing a show somewhere almost every weekend. Check out their story! NITE is comprised of Canadian-born twin brothers, Kyle & Myles Mendes, based in Dallas, TX. Our sound is focused on creating a unique hybrid of electronic-tinged rock with a nod to 80’s-in fluenced dream-pop.  Combining  powerful dueling vocals might remind oneself of Tears for Fears' Roland Orzabal & Curt Smith, with a delivery of tasteful guitar hooks amidst bright synthesizers & throbbing drum machines.  I cannot remember a day where my brother & I were not creating music t

Featured Creative: Lacy Abercrombie

Most creatives are constantly multitasking - always having options or plans waiting in the wings, ideas that keep us up at night, or a plan B & so on. But when your talent segues with your calling & it takes on a life of it’s own to perpetuate change people's lives, what do you do? When you’re multi-talented like this week's creative, Lacy Abercrombie - you go wherever it takes you constantly rolling with the punches. This week Lacy took some time out of your busy schedule to share her story. Check it out. My name is Lacy Abercrombie, I am a 26 year old born + raised in TX. I am a photographer, hair & makeup artist, singer-songwriter as well as the owner of LUV UR NGHBR. I'm kind of just an entrepreneur of sorts.  I’ve always been a bit different than the rest. I loved theater & singing in high school & quickly realized how much I love using those things as a creative outlet. I started doing hair, makeup, & photography as a high school sop

Featured Creative: Esteban Flores of Feeves

When time is no longer money, & money is no longer the goal for your product, you are able to lose the compass & stray to chase what's calling you. Creating in an era where the "how" has been removed & replaced by technology has paved a way for most of us. Regardless of your stance if that is a good or bad thing - guys like Esteban "Esty" Flores have been busy taking advantage of that modern availability & not looking back. Here's his story. I grew up in a really small town in New Mexico. I’ve wanted to play music since I was 12. Back then everything I did was music oriented. I only hung out with my friends when we were playing music together. I skipped prom & other events so I could go to shows. It was kind of becoming a problem!  But that’s really what taught me the whole DIY thing and took me in that direction. I NEEDED to make music & since I was in such a small town I had to teach myself everything.  For the pa

Featured Creative: Tara Noel

What do you do when your time & attention is not always available to pursue your passion & craft? There’s a piece of the mystique of being a modern day artist or creative that’s overlooked by the outside world sometimes. Some of us have day jobs, time & scheduling constraints, some are fortunate enough to solely focus on creating & that pays the bills - but by in large that’s not reality. We are plate spinners. Jugglers. Time managers. Cat herders. Parents. I could continue, but we all have that one thing that demands our attention & focus while we might rather be honing our craft. This isn’t a bad thing at all, but it is real life. For this featured creative, her balance is with her three young kids & part-time job. Tara Noel is a great wife, wonderful mother & an incredible artist based in Fort Worth, Texas. Here’s her story.  My name is Tara Noel & my days are spent juggling three kids (9 months, 2 years, and 3 years old) & also working