Featured Creative: NITE

Finding your own niche, sound, or even place within the creative world can be a task easy to shy away from. Those that have persevered despite a saturated market, low to no paying gigs, pushing through the noise & so on are the ones that create from the heart, but also for themselves. It's in those decisions to keep going where the magic is made. This week we catch up with the band NITE who you can find playing a show somewhere almost every weekend. Check out their story!

NITE is comprised of Canadian-born twin brothers, Kyle & Myles Mendes, based in Dallas, TX. Our sound is focused on creating a unique hybrid of electronic-tinged rock with a nod to 80’s-influenced dream-pop. Combining powerful dueling vocals might remind oneself of Tears for Fears' Roland Orzabal & Curt Smith, with a delivery of tasteful guitar hooks amidst bright synthesizers & throbbing drum machines. 

I cannot remember a day where my brother & I were not creating music together. Old family videos show the two of us as babies babbling to music videos on the TV or slamming on the piano. NITE was created when we wanted to graduate from our high school musical endeavors to something more serious. We had the opportunity to record after hours at a music studio in Dallas. It was our first attempt at recording a full length album, using analog gear & capturing dark ambient sounds, but we didn’t truly discover who we were sonically until we started performing consistently. Opening for many veteran new wave bands from the 80’s, as well as the more modern pop/indie bands influenced by the genre, helped us build our own sound. 

Going out & performing is a great learning experience. It’s a struggle & a grind, but it helped us form our stage presence, our personal sound, and some recognition. Our advice to new artists is to get out & present your music, find your sound & most importantly, enjoy what you’re doing!

To connect with NITE, follow them on Instagram

Check out their latest album, Reborn, that captures their live energy even though it was recorded on their own in-home studios.

They will also be playing a show at Gas Monkey Live in Dallas, Tx opening up for Berlin Friday August 23rd! 


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