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Featured Creative: Rob Novoa

There's something to be said about a piece of art that grabs your attention. When it feels like it literally reached out & pulled you in to completely block out the world around you for that moment. That "piece of art" is subject to us all individually. The draw of the sound of a saxophone on a downtown street corner, a snowcapped mountain in the distance, the movie on your iPhone that you captured but haven't watched in most things the list is incredibly long. The same holds true for Rob Novoa to the point where he had to pick up a camera and freeze these moments in time. He sees each photograph as a time capsule which I find pretty great.  Here's his story. Hey everyone, My name is Rob Novoa & I am a 29 year old photographer & enthusiast filmmaker from Frisco, TX. My creative path has changed & taken drastic turns throughout the years, but I guess the best thing to do is to start from the beginning. I was born & raise

Featured Creative: Austen Roye

Sometimes you stumble on other creatives that you might not have ever heard of unless someone else opened that door for you. By word of mouth, sharing a post on social media, a mere mention of a name that leads to a Google search, a passed compilation CD that sends you on the discovery of a lifetime. The list could go on & on. This featured creative did the same for me & continues to do so on a regular basis. He also happens to be my brother, Austen Roye. Here's his story. My name is Austen Roye, writer and musician originally from Cleburne, TX & currently residing in Aubrey, TX outside of Denton. I’ve published pieces through numerous independent literary magazines & small presses, & a collection of poetry. As a young buck I played drums in a punk band & years later, released a few solo recordings & played shows around the DFW area.  Currently working on the next collection & slowly building a fort out of the incoming rejection slips.

Featured Creative: Falia

When it comes to influence & inspiration for our craft, I'm sure for most of us it started at home. I know for me it did. If it wasn't for music being piped through the house constantly, or the late night post-church jam sessions my family stuck around for, I don't know that I would be the creative I am now. The same probably holds true for Conner McKinzie. Conner was born in Nashville, Tennessee, & raised in Frisco, Texas, drumming on pots & pans as a child & at some point strumming on his dads guitar. With his latest musical endeavor, he goes by the moniker Falia & while the music speaks for itself he took some time to tell us about his journey. I started Falia last summer in hopes of getting songs off of my computer & into the world for people to hear. I’ve always loved & been inspired by electronic pop songs & found myself creating some of the same stuff, mixed with my history of making alternative rock music. I released my first

Featured Creative: Caleb Gautreaux

The first Creative I'm very excited to feature is Alabama's own - turned Dallasite, Caleb Gautreaux . Check out his journey & work as he learned & honed his craft behind the lens of his camera.   Hey guys, my name is Caleb Gautreaux. I'm 25 years old, I live in Dallas, Texas, with my wife & I have been doing photography & videography seriously for just a little over a year.  My journey of getting into this field is a bit different. I never considered myself, "Creative" per se.  In school, sports took up all my time, & I struggled academically. I played school & club soccer up until college, & after my soccer career was over, I jumped head first into fitness. All I knew was to have a competitive outlet, which was lead me to competitive CrossFit. When my CrossFit career came to an end, I struggled to find that next thing. Again, all I had ever done was be competitive physically & athletically. The thought of being

The DIY Creative

prag-mat-ic adjective  dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way based on practical rather than theoretical considerations. Learning by doing is the backbone of anything we know and love today. If it weren't for the 'try' there would be no cars, planes, internet, electric guitar, reality get the idea. Being a pragmatist has been the only way I've ever figured out anything. In the last few years I have finally been older number wise than the amount of jobs I've had, I'm in my mid-thirties mind you. For instance, if I hadn't waited tables for roughly 44 days I might not understand the importance of a good tip. I could go and on, but I'll spare you and get to it. The DIY Creative is me. It's all of us to a certain extent and I'm certain we can all relate to each other in ways most cannot at the water cooler. We've pulled all nighters on accident trying to get a good mix or searching for the right tones. We'v