Featured Creative: Caleb Gautreaux

The first Creative I'm very excited to feature is Alabama's own - turned Dallasite, Caleb Gautreaux.

Check out his journey & work as he learned & honed his craft behind the lens of his camera.  

Hey guys, my name is Caleb Gautreaux. I'm 25 years old, I live in Dallas, Texas, with my wife & I have been doing photography & videography seriously for just a little over a year. 

My journey of getting into this field is a bit different. I never considered myself, "Creative" per se.  In school, sports took up all my time, & I struggled academically. I played school & club soccer up until college, & after my soccer career was over, I jumped head first into fitness. All I knew was to have a competitive outlet, which was lead me to competitive CrossFit. When my CrossFit career came to an end, I struggled to find that next thing. Again, all I had ever done was be competitive physically & athletically. The thought of being creative was never really a thought I had at all. 

During this downtime I uncovered some hidden interests when I came across a video from my favorite YouTuber, Casey Niestat. In this video, he had a guest by the name of Peter Mckinnon. Long story short, I clicked over to his page, & THIS is where it all started. I watched every video, "Subscribed, & hit the notification button" so that I would know when a new video was up. From that new found inspiration I purchased my first camera - A Canon G7X Mark II, which is a little point & shoot vlogging camera. When it came in I had no clue how to work it. I would sit & watch Peter’s tutorials & practice for hours. He was so easy to understand & he made what seemed so complicated very simple & easy for me to grasp.

With only fundamental camera knowledge, I jumped in the deep end & started volunteering at my gym & my church taking photos & learning as I went. Pretty quick I had maxed out the potential of my gear at the time, so I upgraded to the Sony a6300 & then to the Sony a7 III. With this upgrade, I was able to achieve a professional look which opened the door for me creatively, then lead to more opportunities to monetize my new found passion. 

Here we are a year and a half later & it seems like I'm just beginning to scratch the surface. I've been able to work with some great people & be a part of cool projects. Can't wait to see what the future holds! 

To keep up with Caleb and all his work, check out the links below:



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