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What is Pragmatic Sound Co. - Addendum #1238484

With the ever changing climate of how the world works right now; I too am having to be nimble, flexible, & well...creative. So what is Pragmatic Sound Co, again? It depends on when you ask. Right now it's a lot of things. A podcast with various inspired creative topics with interviews & discussions with fellow creatives. You can find us HERE if you would like to listen & of course like/subscribe & give us a quick review...that would be awesome & much appreciated. We are continuing to offer session work for artists, podcasters, videographers & more who need instrumentation for a project, want to release music but need musicians, have music ready but need arranging & mixing etc. It's a long list. This is all done from my home studio & I have been working with artists such as Bad Governor Bad , Christian Carvajal, Monolith, A Man , Daphne Blues, Lacy Abercrombie & more to come. If you have a basic idea for a song & you're stuck, music