What is Pragmatic Sound Co. - Addendum #1238484

With the ever changing climate of how the world works right now; I too am having to be nimble, flexible, & well...creative. So what is Pragmatic Sound Co, again? It depends on when you ask. Right now it's a lot of things. A podcast with various inspired creative topics with interviews & discussions with fellow creatives. You can find us HERE if you would like to listen & of course like/subscribe & give us a quick review...that would be awesome & much appreciated.

We are continuing to offer session work for artists, podcasters, videographers & more who need instrumentation for a project, want to release music but need musicians, have music ready but need arranging & mixing etc. It's a long list. This is all done from my home studio & I have been working with artists such as Bad Governor Bad , Christian Carvajal, Monolith, A Man, Daphne Blues, Lacy Abercrombie & more to come. If you have a basic idea for a song & you're stuck, music ready but needs a drummer or mixing or anything at all...let's talk, email me HERE & let's get to work. The next question is usually how much do you charge? Honestly we would rather collaborate & help you with your project versus be wrapped in a dollar amount. My rates are unbelievably low & I am always willing to work with your budget.

To top it all off private lessons for drums, guitar, bass, production, artist development, song writing & more are now being offered & available virtually via Zoom & otherwise. Thanks to Rockstars of Tomorrow now in Frisco, Tx, we are now officially on their roster of teachers & honored to be on that list. The first session is free. Find out more on their website. An exiting part of all of this we now operate as an official DBA which has been a long time coming.

So the long & short of it all is that due to circumstances with Covid, for maybe the first time ever the availability to collaborate & work with other creatives has never been easier. Usually time was a factor, now I seem to have a lot of bandwidth & want to use that to create. So if I can help you out please do not hesitate to email or shoot a DM on our Instagram.


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