New Year New Direction

When the thought of putting this little website together & interviewing or having creatives tell their story, I knew at some point the format would shift. I didn’t know how or when, but that’s how I typically like to roll these days. Have a general idea & see where it goes. This philosophy is completely accidental & contrary to my typical anxious enneagram 6 ways, but it’s served me well so far. This year I’ve decided to move over into the podcast world & see where things go. I’ll be featuring creatives, have guests, tell stories of my own personal journey but in all regain focus on connecting DIY creatives. I hope you will follow along with this new path & continue to show support not only to myself but to those in our creative community. Tune into The Pragmatic Soundcast, coming soon to your favorite podcast platform. 
The Pragmatic Soundcast

Featured Creative: Adam Roye of Daphne Blues & Pragmatic Sound Co.

Time. Seasons. Moments. Sabbatical. Sabbath. Rest. There are many names for what most of us are not doing or maybe we are taking time to rest & take a season off - but our creative minds still wander. Our hands still find things to do. I’ve held off on writing for a while. What might have just been a month felt much longer. In full disclosure I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I thought it was time to finally get back to it & as opposed to featuring the many patient people in my inbox, I thought now was a good time to peel back the curtain & tell my story. I’m Adam Roye, Owner & Creator of Pragmatic Sound Co. & the one man band behind Daphne Blues.

I'm from Cleburne, Tx a small town south of Fort Worth, Tx where you can say I cut my teeth on the back of a pew. My family had a southern gospel group, my uncle had a recording studio, & my grandfather was the worship leader of our small church. You could find me using pencils as drumsticks playing along dur…

Featured Creative: Oliver

Creatives are known to be complex, deep thinkers - often distant, or written off as such. That's not always the case. Most of the time it's because we are in our own heads or off creating something or simply reflecting & looking for inspiration. This week we caught up with an artist who realized that going to his room & being alone was the safest place to say & created what he wanted without judgement which sparked a new level of inspiration for him. Jared Ashton Scott - who goes by the moniker Olivier - was born & raised in Arlington, TX, & is undoubtedly a product of what he likes to call “90’s sad boy pop.” Artists like Savage Garden &Edwin McCain are perfect examples. These influences are directly reflected in the Olivier songs "What If You Would Have Stayed" & "Every Word."

Growing up, I was the kid who sat in his room a lot. I didn’t think much of myself, & so I was always terrified of sharing the things I felt deep down…

Featured Creative: Wheron

As a creative, we can typically find inspiration all around us everyday if we look hard enough. For some of us it’s as easy as peering out our window during our morning commute, walking through our favorite gallery, being out in nature or even strolling through downtown. This week's featured creative uses the method of drawing everyday & staying connected to the art community to become one of the most prolific artists & muralists in Dallas. His work can be seen all over the city & he is one of my personal long time local favorite artists. While he stays incredibly busy he was kind enough to share his story & journey with us. I’m excited & honored that our 10th Featured Creative is Will Heron. Check out his story below. 

My name is Will Heron or Wheron. Born & raised in Dallas, Texas. When I was 5, I always had dreams of being a "professional color-er” which is ironic because I mostly stick to a monochromatic black & white pallet. I majored in Studio…

Featured Creative: Christian Carvajal

As a creative, I believe we've all hit the wall mentally on whether or not what we're doing is good enough. It could be with what's on our canvas, in our words, or how we approach capturing moments & hoping they will connect with your audience. We have accepted that it's just part of it, or that it's just part of the process. For some of us that thought holds us back, for others it pushes us forward. Finding the balance is the hard part. Christian Carvajal is someone who is finding that line & crossing it with his music & not looking back. Being authentic, raw, & honest is just the start of his approach - Christian was kind enough to take some time & share his story with us.

My name is Christian Carvajal. I'm 25 years old. I currently reside in the great city of Fort Worth, Texas & I am an aspiring songwriter. 
I was raised on having a wide taste in music. When I was 13 I started learning guitar but it wasn’t until I started choir in high …