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Creatives are known to be complex, deep thinkers - often distant, or written off as such. That's not always the case. Most of the time it's because we are in our own heads or off creating something or simply reflecting & looking for inspiration. This week we caught up with an artist who realized that going to his room & being alone was the safest place to say & created what he wanted without judgement which sparked a new level of inspiration for him. Jared Ashton Scott - who goes by the moniker Olivier - was born & raised in Arlington, TX, & is undoubtedly a product of what he likes to call “90’s sad boy pop.” Artists like Savage Garden & Edwin McCain are perfect examples. These influences are directly reflected in the Olivier songs "What If You Would Have Stayed" & "Every Word."

Growing up, I was the kid who sat in his room a lot. I didn’t think much of myself, & so I was always terrified of sharing the things I felt deep down, that others might not think much of me either. But when I closed my door, & it was just me & many times a mirror, I could say what I wanted because I at least knew that I couldn’t escape myself. I didn't think about it until I was way older, but that space always provided such comfort. The funny thing is, that's one way to make a really honest songwriter. I'm only presently realizing how much all that "practice" helped me all those years ago.
Finally letting some of that out into the light of day is an incredibly cathartic thing for me. Not to mention the impact of other people saying, “me too."

I think if there is one thing I can get out of ever being a musician, or really any type of creative, it’s that I want it to feel like when I sit down with someone & draw back the curtains & show them the secret things of my life. That feeling of sharing the things that truly matter to you. & as a listener, I want it to be abundantly clear that it’s exactly what they are receiving. One of the biggest things for me is I always push to make the melody speak just as clearly as the lyrics, never sacrificing it at the cost of trying to say something.

The best thing I can say about writing is just to become ok with being scared to say what you want to...but say it anyway. Even if it means it’s the hardest thing you ever did. Nothing good ever came from lying, or being afraid of the truth. To this day I still always think on the front end that my feelings are something to be afraid of - like some scary, dark forest - but every time I accept where I’m at & just walk through them I always come out stronger. If I’m lucky it makes for a hell of a song. 

To connect with Olivier follow his Instagram or discover more of his music on Spotify.


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