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Featured Creative: Adam Roye of Daphne Blues & Pragmatic Sound Co.

Time. Seasons. Moments. Sabbatical. Sabbath. Rest. There are many names for what most of us are not doing or maybe we are taking time to rest & take a season off - but our creative minds still wander. Our hands still find things to do. I’ve held off on writing for a while. What might have just been a month felt much longer. In full disclosure I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I thought it was time to finally get back to it & as opposed to featuring the many patient people in my inbox, I thought now was a good time to peel back the curtain & tell my story. I’m Adam Roye, Owner & Creator of Pragmatic Sound Co. & the one man band behind Daphne Blues. I'm from Cleburne, Tx a small town south of Fort Worth, Tx where you can say I cut my teeth on the back of a pew. My family had a southern gospel group, my uncle had a recording studio, & my grandfather was the worship leader of our small church. You could find me using pencils as drumsticks playing along