Featured Creative: Falia

When it comes to influence & inspiration for our craft, I'm sure for most of us it started at home. I know for me it did. If it wasn't for music being piped through the house constantly, or the late night post-church jam sessions my family stuck around for, I don't know that I would be the creative I am now. The same probably holds true for Conner McKinzie. Conner was born in Nashville, Tennessee, & raised in Frisco, Texas, drumming on pots & pans as a child & at some point strumming on his dads guitar. With his latest musical endeavor, he goes by the moniker Falia & while the music speaks for itself he took some time to tell us about his journey.

I started Falia last summer in hopes of getting songs off of my computer & into the world for people to hear. I’ve always loved & been inspired by electronic pop songs & found myself creating some of the same stuff, mixed with my history of making alternative rock music. I released my first single entitled “Without You” which was a blend of the two genres & I have since been trying to figure out what Falia’s sound really is. 

I think one of the greatest parts of making music is not only discovering your sound, but the [endless] process it takes to get there. 

Falia has been an outlet for me to stretch myself in all kinds of ways musically & also to force myself into putting what I make out there. To anyone who wants to do the same: at some point, you just have to do it! Self-doubt & second-guessing should always take a back seat to self-expression & creativity. There’s a big gap from where I am as an artist to where I want to be, but most days I’m just putting my head down & trying my best to get there. Usually coffee helps. 

To keep up with that process, check out Falia on the links below:

*New single "Lost Myself" out on all digital platforms*


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