Featured Creative: Lacy Abercrombie

Most creatives are constantly multitasking - always having options or plans waiting in the wings, ideas that keep us up at night, or a plan B & so on. But when your talent segues with your calling & it takes on a life of it’s own to perpetuate change people's lives, what do you do? When you’re multi-talented like this week's creative, Lacy Abercrombie - you go wherever it takes you constantly rolling with the punches. This week Lacy took some time out of your busy schedule to share her story. Check it out.

My name is Lacy Abercrombie, I am a 26 year old born + raised in TX. I am a photographer, hair & makeup artist, singer-songwriter as well as the owner of LUV UR NGHBR. I'm kind of just an entrepreneur of sorts. 

I’ve always been a bit different than the rest. I loved theater & singing in high school & quickly realized how much I love using those things as a creative outlet. I started doing hair, makeup, & photography as a high school sophomore for plays & homecomings. My yearbook teacher lent me a camera & told me she believed in my photography. She really encouraged me to pursue it during the school year & see what I could do.

My first paid photoshoot was one of my friends, Riley, & her mom paid me $25 to take photos of her at a nearby park. From that point on, word spread quickly throughout the school about me doing hair & makeup for dances, as well as trying my eye at photography. I kept learning & seeking out advice from fellow photographers, & my senior year I was gifted my first camera by my History teacher.

As for LUV UR NGHBR, I started selling tee shirts in 2017 to raise funds for the Hurricane Harvey Relief. From there, it went viral. People kept wanting to purchase shirts. Since it’s launch 2017, people have bought over 1,000 shirts, & the money has been given to Coats For Kids, homeless ministries, as well as mission trips, & various other outlets that live the mission of simply loving your neighbor.

When I hit a creative wall, I like to refresh by doing things I enjoy that I’m not paid to do. I like to go somewhere alone & play guitar & sing at the top of my lungs, or journal out everything that’s happening in my head. I also really appreciate being around friends who fuel my creativity. Friends who will speak life into me, & who believe in me. 

My advice for those getting started is to take the leap & stay in the posture of learning. It's hard & it take a lot of dedication, time, energy, & consistency - but it's all worth it. The people you get to meet, the places you get to see, & the relationships you get to build - it's all worth it! 

To connect with Lacy, her photography, & all things LUV UR NGHBR you can find her on Instagram below!


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